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Welcome to the online home for Cary Littleford’s web things.


As with many who work in Tasmania I am involved in several pursuits including:


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Oct 2020
My first exhibit is now done and dusted. 🙂

Thank you to all that came to the exhibit!  
If you have feedback or want to contact me then please do feel free to email (see below).


It was quite an exciting learning experience with heaps of great feedback.



With this feedback I am now exploring creating a website for print sales, further exhibits in the future and experimenting with the idea of a 3D Light Field Photo book.


If you would like to be notified by email when any of the above happens just send me a email and I will put you on my announce list.  (emails on this list are 100% private and only used for announcing the above).



  Subject:  Add to announce list (or similar)



Things of note from the exhibit:

-People all have different eyesight and folks had wide ranging experiences with depth etc, all seem to enjoy it.

-Some folks with glasses find it better to have the 3d classes *behind* their spectacles.

-People really like interactive things.

-I think we gave away over 350 pairs of red/blue paper and cellophane glasses (biodegrades) that folks took home. I can now post 3D images online knowing there are more that can view them 🙂

-The folks at Moonah Arts Center were amazing with sharing their experience and guiding the exhibit.




Exhibit Info:

The Light Field – An Exploration Of Light And Dimensions.
Featuring 3D prints, video, interactive light field photos and lenticular prints taken with light field plenoptic array cameras.

Status: First exhibit complete. Available for more. 🙂


Moonah Arts Center – The Light Field Exhibit


Facebook Event page.


MAC Calendar page.



Made possible with the help of the follow folks.


The exhibit is going well and it’s exciting to see people react to the images.  🙂


Current Projects

Pics in the Rig  – Tasmanian Maritime Museum


Running daily (weather permitting) till 16th Nov 2020.


A semi-permanent projection setup on Australia’s oldest floating vessel, the May Queen.


A fascinating project requiring a custom ‘sea worthy’ projection cabinet and some tricky mapping on the lycra ‘sail’.  Enjoyed working the with ship’s caretakers who I think enjoyed the challenges of rigging a sail daily on such an old boat.  The May Queen cannot take full sails anymore due to her delicate age 🙂


The video includes vintage footage of the May Queen at work, short Films and elements from the Australian Antarctic Division.


Facebook Event Page here:  Pics In The Rig

The Things I do...

Tasmanian LightField

Light field photography and presentation, workshops etc..

Come and explore the world of light field living images and interesting ways to present them.




Images below require red/blue 3d glasses to view.

Video showing focus and perspective shift, no sounds, 2d.


 VJ Smucklepod (Video artist), arts production worker etc.

Free-form live video mixing, projections of many sorts (organic spaces, buildings, mapping, artistic collaborations, festivals etc), interactive installations of reclaimed materials, custom projection installs and many more.



 After many year staring at a glowing rectangle as an IT tech I decided to get some fresh air and migrated my career from IT to Arts around 2014. Achieving certificates in production tech, production management and community culture has allowed me  to explore the Arts world in many various ways.






Ph.  0408 814 659


Based in Tasmania.