The Big Blue Chair

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Awesome! You found it!


Welcome to the online home for Cary Littleford’s web things.


As with many who work in Tasmania I am involved in several pursuits including:




My first gallery exhibit is happening!

That’s a bit exciting 🙂


It’s on at the MAC (Moonah Arts Centre) for three weeks.


Featuring 3D prints, video, interactive light-field photos and lenticular prints, with Covid considerations etc, everyone gets a free pair of 3D glasses!


Moonah Arts Center – Fri 18th Sept to Sat 10th Oct 


MAC hours are 10.00am – 5.00pm Tuesday to Friday, and 11.00am – 3.00pm Saturday.  Closed Sun & Mon.


Tour by artist for small groups available


Moonah Arts Center – The Light Field Exhibit


Facebook Event page.


MAC Calendar page.



The exhibit is going well and it’s exciting to see people react to the images.  🙂


Tasmanian LightField

Light field photography and presentation, workshops etc..

Come and explore the world of light field living images and interesting ways to present them.

Photo / Poster prints and photo book available. Catalogue being developed now from exhibit feedback.



Images below required red/blue 3d glasses to view.

Video showing focus and perspective shift, no sounds, 2d.


 VJ (Video artist), arts production worker etc.

Free-form video mixing, projections of many sorts (buildings, mapping, collaborations, festivals etc), interactive installations of reclaimed materials.






Ph.  0408 814 659